Rachel's Art Work

Here is where i will post all my art, feel free to request.



My bow tie came today, So i thought i would put it on for Jessie <3 

I dont really know what else to say, but my thoughts are with her and her family on this day and tomorrows  i hope where ever she is, she is happy for she has all of us down here thinking about her and will love her no matter what. 

R.i.p Jessie, you are an amazing person who gave people confidence and courage to be themselves <3 a true angel. 

(via yuujiroushihodani)

(( My 2p wig came so i had to do pictures. 1+2 = Beeks version, i love this so much. 3+4 = Hima’s version :D )

I opened the Ask box, if you wan’t to request me to draw something drop me an ask and I shall consider it, even if its a quick sketch!

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